Success Stories

INTENT's digital media distribution technologies and services have brought success to artists like Willie Nelson, Heart, Garth Brooks, Chuck D - as well numerous publishers, studios, partners and advertisers. The following stories represent just a sampling of the success we've experienced by tapping into the power of file trading.


With INTENT's technologies, students from 200 universities around the globe participated in a movie event held over file-trading networks. Resulting download page impressions reached almost 400,000. > Learn more

Scooter Scudieri's ”Mother of God”

Scudieri has built the largest rock star following over the Internet, breaking several records for Internet searches as well as downloads. > Learn more

Audi and The Art of the A3ist

The launch of an Internet game, ”The Audi A3, The Art of the A3ist,” took consumers on a wild ”web-ride,” creating buzz that turned into sales. > Learn more