Our advanced solutions let you instantly capitalize on the combined viral power of file-trading networks, web social communities and all Internet-based markets.

For Artists

Musicians, writers, journalists and other media creators can securely distribute digital media files, profit from their use and build a loyal, global consumer base. > Learn more

For Publishers & Indies

INTENT is a one-stop solution to secure, far-reaching, cost-effective distribution. We offer license payment systems with flexible options as well as a customizable P2P file-trading network for your unique label. > Learn more

For Major Studios

Move vast digital media libraries from the vault to your consumer's technology of choice with our streamlined, high-security solution. Automated digital packaging, distribution and behavioral marketing help you efficiently cultivate brand-based communities. > Learn more

For Partners

As a trusted digital media partner, we provide platform-agnostic, ready-to-distribute digital media. You may also license our proprietary technology to use as the backbone of your own digital media distribution system. > Learn more

For Advertisers

For all marketers in need of effective and affordable advertising, INTENT provides access to the largest network of online consumers. Our behavioral targeting lets you personalize your approach for record-breaking results. > Learn more